Health Services on Campus

The Medico-Social Health Units located on Beşiktaş and Davutpaşa Campuses provide health services to students, academic/administrative staff and their families, as well as retired personnel of our university. Medico Centres are equipped to handle health emergencies and minor illnesses.

Services available are detailed on the website at

For major health emergencies call the national line 112

E-Nabız (E-Pulse)
E-Nabız is the Turkish Ministry of Health’s online service which enables citizens to access all health records 24/7. If you have obtained an E-Devlet password, you can start using E-Nabız and view your doctor appointments and track your medical records

Pharmacies operate from 09:00 to 19:00 (Mon-Sat) in Türkiye. After 19:00 and on Sundays all pharmacies, except the ones on duty, are closed. Check the list of pharmacies on duty to see the pharmacies closest to you that are open at night:!%C4%B0stanbul/. You can find a pharmacy on duty that day and time by selecting your region.
Choose İstanbul/Esenler for pharmacies on duty closest to Davutpaşa Campus.
İstanbul/Beşiktaş for those close to Yıldız Campus.

Private Hospitals
You may benefit from various discounts for YTU students and staff in some private hospitals, depending on your health insurance plan. Check to see the contracted hospitals. Make sure to verify with the hospital beforehand.