Dining Hall

Staff and students can have lunch and dinner in the university dining halls which provide services on both campuses. The dining halls offer fixed meals and the daily meal plans can be found here:

http://www.beslenme.yildiz.edu.tr/  The University ID Card must be present to purchase meals with a discount. To use your university ID card in the dining hall, you can link your card with your bank account and deposit money on your card via İşCep, online banking. This can also be done through the ATM machines on campus, with or without a debit card. Note that if you have added credit on your card after 11:00, you may need to tap your card on the readers at the entrance of the dining hall to update your added credits. The service hours of the dining hall are as follows:

Lunch: 11:30-14.30          Dinner: 16:30-19:15

Beside vegan and vegetarian menu options, celiac menu services are also offered. To request a celiac menu, make a reservation and approve it by clicking the confirmation link sent to your YTU email address by 14:00 on the previous day. You can find the dining hall locations here: http://www.intcooperations.yildiz.edu.tr/page/16/YTU-Campus-Maps/132

Apart from the dining halls, there is a range of private cafes and restaurants on the campuses open all day.