Post-Doc Research Projects (DOSAP)

Post-Doc Research Projects (DOSAP):

The application directive on the implementation of post-doctoral research programs conducted in order to encourage the researchers who have completed their doctorate to conduct joint research with their specialized faculty members and to increase scientific interaction. In order to be obtained, the forms listed in Annex 1 must be uploaded to the system in addition to the application documents given in Article 8 of the application directive.

Item Budget Limits
Service Procurement   Not Limited
Equipment/ Machines   Not Limited
Consumables Office Supplies 1000 TL
Other consumables Not Limited
Temporary Per-Diem Rates Fieldwork Not Limited
Foreign Travel 7.000 TL
Total Project Budget 50.000 TL *


*The funds to be paid to the post- doctorate researcher are added to this amount separately.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (DOSAP-B) Practice Principles

Basic Principles

ARTICLE 13- (1) The Postdoctoral Visiting Research Program (DOSAP-B) is conducted within the framework of the following principles:
a) Researchers who will take part in the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (DOSAP-B) must have at least two (2) published article entries in journals included in international indexes approved by the Senate.

b) Researchers who will take part in the Post-Doctoral Visiting Researcher Program (DOSAP-B), are assigned to the projects only in R&D activities at the university’s application and research centres and institutes, or in nationally or internationally supported R&D projects carried out by faculty members.

c) The researchers who will take part in the Post-Doctoral Visiting Scholar Program (DOSAP-B) must have a doctorate degree, or must have completed a degree in proficiency in art from a university recognized or accepted as equivalent by YÖK.

ç) Taking part in the Post-Doctoral Visiting Researcher Program (DOSAP-B), does not grant a right to transfer to any other different form of personnel employment status.

d) Those who want to take part in the Post-Doctoral Visiting Researcher Program (DOSAP-B) must obtain permission from the university or other institutions and organizations they are affiliated with.

e) The provisions of the “Yıldız Technical University Industrial Property Rights Directive” are applied to all patent applications, utility models, industrial designs, and similar intellectual and industrial property rights.


ARTICLE 14- (1) The application process for DOSAP-B is as follows:

a) University faculty members submit their guest researcher requests within the scope of DOSAP-B.

They notify the Dean about the Advisor Form. DOSAP-B regarding the request made by the researcher

Candidate Application Form ( is also attached.

b) Applications deemed appropriate by the Faculty Administrative Board are submitted to the Rectorate. Applications deemed appropriate by the rector are submitted to the BAP Coordination Unit for necessary procedures.

ARTICLE 15- (1)
The responsibilities of the consultants to be assigned within the scope of DOSAP-B are as follows:

a) To provide all kinds of needs of the visiting researcher within the scope of the program.

b) Carrying out all transactions related to the DOSAP-B Program through the BAP Coordination Unit.

c) It should specify in detail from which project the expenses in the work plan, if any, will be met.

ç) Cannot request any payments such as course fee or consultancy fee etc. for the visiting researcher within the scope of DOSAP-B Program.

Responsibilities of the Visiting Researcher

ARTICLE 16- (1) Responsibilities of visiting researchers to be assigned within the scope of DOSAP-B

as follows:

a) Obligated to comply with the relevant legislation and regulations made by the University during the program.

b) Responsible for continuing their research in accordance with the project plan during the program.

c) Obligated to comply with the working hours determined by the consultant.

ç) As a result of the DOSAP-B Program, publishing at least one article with his/her advisor in international peer-reviewed journals scanned in indexes if the research has no confidentiality and is not under a patent process.

d) Is obliged to show the university as the address where the work is carried out in all publications made within the scope of the program.

e) Is responsible for transferring any permit, report, assignment etc. documents to the dean through the advisor.

f) You can leave the program before the end of the program period, provided that you have a valid reason and with a notification at least 1 (one) month prior, written to the advisor and the dean. In this case the guest researcher is required to turn in all movable and immovable properties assigned to him/her, to the consultant and, if any, has to fulfil their other personal or corporate obligations.

Program Duration

Article 17- (1) The duration of the program is two (2) years at the most. In the event of a failure to complete the program on time, on the suggestion of the Faculty Administrative Board, an additional period of up to one (1) year may be granted with the approval of the Rector.

The academic performance of the visiting researcher is taken into account in the decision of an extension of the program period.

Visiting Researcher Rights

ARTICLE 18- (1) “YTU Researcher Identity Card” is given to the visiting researcher.

(2) Benefits from the university’s library, information infrastructure, etc. and from all social rights to the extent possible.

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