Transportation in İstanbul

Istanbul has a wide network of public transportation connected through metro, Marmaray, buses, minibuses, tram lines, ferry, funicular lines and taxis. You can download the Mobiett app ( to find the most convenient transportation route for you, and to view up-to-date bus schedule and to track where your bus is.

  • Metro:
  • Marmaray: A commuter’s train connecting the European side, to the Anatolian side, with Halkalı as the first stop continuing up to Gebze.
  • Metrobus: İstanbul’s bus rapid transit system extending on both sides. It is one of the fastest means of transportation in Istanbul. However, note that it can be overcrowded at times and on various stops. You can view the metrobus lines here:
  • Busses: Visit the following website to check for bus schedules, route and stops, or download the mobiett app for updates.
  • Minibuses (Dolmuş): Minibuses often do not run on officially fixed schedules and they usually do not have fixed stops. While they can often provide practical and fast modes of transport, it is not recommended to use minibuses in various areas of the city as the quality of service they provide can be unpredictable since minibuses are not monitored as much as other transportation services which the municipality provides. Keep in mind that İstanbulkart is not valid on minibuses and you can only pay in cash.
  • Tram lines: Include T1: Kabatas-Bagcilar, T2: Taksim-Tünel, T3 Kadikoy-Moda , T4: Topkapi - Mescid-i Selam and T5: Cibali-Alibeyköy Coach Station Tram Line. Among these, Taksim-Tünel and Kadıköy-Moda tram lines are heritage tram lines and not only serve transportation purposes but also offer a nostalgic tram experience, both of which are iconic of Istanbul.
  • Funicular Lines: Include F1 Taksim - Kabatas Funicular Line and F4 Bogaziçi University/Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line.
  • Ferry: Ferry lines are one of the most pleasant ways to get to places in İstanbul. Not only do you avoid traffic but also get to have a fresh breath of air while enjoying the Bosphorus. Some of the best times to take the ferry is usually during the golden hours in the morning and before sunset. For ferry lines and fares see:
    for timetables check:
  • Taxi: You can directly call a taxi form a station or preferably use an app such as Uber or Bitaksi as this keeps a record of your journey and the fares. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to find a taxi especially during rush hours. Therefore, plan accordingly so as not to run late for your arrangements.

Note: We recommend that you download a railway network map on your phone as it is practical and easily accessible offline:
Useful apps: Moovit, Mobiett.


The transportation card is called Istanbulkart and you can transfer between different routes of transport such as from the Marmaray to the metro, or from trams and between other modes of transportation provided by the İstanbul municipality all in one Istanbulkart.

Ticket vending machines (biletmatik) at the stations are available for purchasing a temporary card. After applying for and obtaining your regular İstanbulkart, you may choose to opt for a monthly pass if you plan to use public transport regularly on your daily commute. Check for student/teacher discounts.